Cell Phone Spying – Legal or Not?

Until recently cell phone spying meant checking your partner’s text messages when they were taking a bath… a practice surprisingly common in both men and women. But these days it has become big business, with dozens of companies now offering technology to assist people in spying on mobile phones. And it isn’t just text messages that are targeted; call logs, photographs, videos, emails and even voice calls can all be monitored and tracked. So who is using this kind of technology? And is it legal? To find out, we first need to understand exactly what we mean by cell phone spying…

What Is Cell Phone Spying?

Cell phone spying is the observation of phone activity by someone other than the phone’s normal user. The use of the word ‘spying’ implies that the observation of the phone is furtive or secret and that the phone’s user doesn’t know they are being observed. This may well be the case, but the same tools used for covert spying are also frequently used with the full knowledge and agreement of the user. This is often the case in business situations where employers monitor the use of mobile phones by their employees.

Is Phone Spying Legal?

It would seem obvious that the use of phone monitoring tools by mutual agreement is likely to be legal in most countries. Most large corporations have an employee monitoring policy that applies to Internet and email use and increasingly this is being extended to cell phone use.

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