Paypal File Downloads – How to Sell Downloadables for Free

Do you wish to sell PayPal file downloads? If you have downloadable files that you would like to sell, there is a free option available to you. This option is the ideal choice for anyone that is just starting a new business and is trying to eliminate the cost of using an external site/company to sell their downloadable products.

This option works like this:

Customers will come to your site to make a purchase of a downloadable product you have. Once they complete payment for the product, a download dialog box will automatically pop up asking the user to download the file he or she just paid for.
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Once the customer completes this download, an email will be sent to the Site Administrator (you), informing of the transaction that just took place. This email will contain the file that was downloaded by the customer, date and time that it was downloaded and the customer’s full name.

If there were any problems encountered by the customer while downloading the file, an email will also be dispatched to the Site Administrator (you), informing of the issue. This way, you stay on top of your business and know of a problem ahead of time before a customer comes complaining.

Keep in mind that the only issue that may pop with customers downloading the product is if the Site Administrator (you) forgets to put the files in the proper location (which is obviously an easy fix).

So the question you probably have right now is how you can get your hands on this option. It’s really easy. You can either write a PHP Code, have a programmer write one for you, or you can download a preexisting PHP PayPal code with an installation Guide and get down to business.

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