Do I Really Need IVF Treatment? Will it Work?

In-Vitro-Fertility, popularly known as IVF has became common term, and popular “Infertility treatment”. It is normal for a woman to have some certain question, before she decides to go to for “IVF treatment” are, Will it work for me? Will it be successful, what is the IVF success-rate? And the biggest question is “Should I really go for IVF treatment?”

The answer is as simple. Even after a year of being failed in “trying to conceive”, a couple should go to a health-care professional for an evaluation.
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In some cases, it makes sense to seek help for fertility problems even before a year is up. Age really does matter, so the sooner a couple goes for the treatment, more chances of success in it. If IVF is one of the solutions for the infertility problem, the decision should be made faster, because it’s more likely for a younger woman to get success in IVF.

Now another question, will it work for me? Success rate for fertility treatments is like saying, ‘What’s the chance of curing a headache?”. It depends on many things, including the cause of the problem and the severity. Overall about half of couples that seek fertility treatment will be able to have babies.

IVF is very costly, especially in western countries. In some countries there are laws against IVF and infertility treatment, on the other hand there are some counties that are very open to IVF and are cheaper in terms of the total cost. Countries like India which is called the most preferred destination for medical tourism could be the best option for IVF treatment. The reason why IVF in India is most preferred is because of the world class medical facility available on the very cheaper rates.

Fertility is a huge relationship stressful, but the decision should always be made mutually when it comes on the treatment. For IVF treatment what you really need is significant physical, emotional, financial, and time commitment.

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